Saturday, June 25, 2011

Little Head, Big Glasses

*Thank you Miss Kristy, for the awesome shades!* 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dex & Dutch & Happy Father's Day!!

First off... HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!  To all the wonderful fathers out there... especially, my wonderful husband and father of my child, my Dad and Dex's Pop who has loved me unconditionally for 31 years, and my father-in-law who raised a very good man (I can't thank you enough for that!).   You all mean the world to me, and I'm so thankful to have such examples in Dex's life!

Secondly - I took some pictures today of Dex playing outside in his little kiddie pool.  Dutch jumped in a few for good measure  :)

I was playing with my camera and the sun flares in these pics, so there are a few where the flare was over Dex's and Dutch's face, but I still wanted to share them because they make me happy!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Time With Friends at the Zoo!

We made it out to the Zoo this morning with some friends and their little girl this morning.  It was such fun... they have passes to the zoo, so they knew where to take us where we could catch everything we needed with the least amount of random walking.  It was AWESOME.

We saw penguins...

All Dex wanted to do was pull Kate around in the stroller.  He wasn't that fast, if you can believe it.

Looking at the monkeys!!

How cute is Kate??  (even if she's wearing a Longhorn hat)  :)

We rode the "train"...

This pelican was on the tracks and would NOT move.  The driver was seriously nudging it with the tram, and he'd hop a couple feet and sit there again.  Pretty funny, except without the wind from the tram movement, it was SWELTERING.  I was about ready to run that dang thing over after about 10 minutes!

Toddler-size elephant :)

Probably one of Dex's favorite things there... driving the car.  And there was genuine, actual cheetah RIGHT behind him!  Although I must say, I was very proud of him for sharing *his* car with the other kids.  I don't think he had one meltdown about it!!

Really??  When did they start letting people this close to the animals?!  Soooo cool!  

I have no words to caption this... But I think it's hilarious.  And awesome :)

And then... on to feeding the fish!! 

He was fearless, I tell ya.  He put those fingers down IN the water, still holding the food.  Koi don't have teeth, right?

And finally, before we left, we got to ride the carousel.  Dex scouted it out before we got on, and decided he wanted to ride the "monkey."  He LOVED it.  I don't know if I can explain how much, but seriously.  LOVED.  IT.

I love this last picture of Kate and her Mommy.  Kate's face is priceless  :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sweet Summertime

I know I'm not alone when I say shout at the top of my lungs "I love the summer time!!"

Multi-tasking... He couldn't decide if he wanted to stay in the pool or play with his new lawn mower.

...pool or lawn mower...

Lawn mower wins!

Then he proceeded to mow everything... including the garage.

It was a good day  :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dex Praying

I think he looks like a little angel :)