Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Train Tracks Photo Session

Dex and I, along with our neighbor friends, Cooper & his mommy, went out to the train tracks on New Years Day... mainly just to get the kids out of the house, but also to try and get a few pictures of them.  I needed something besides a snapshot to remember Dex turning 3  :)  

His hair was super long at this time, and so we slicked it over, and I think it looks pretty funny/silly... I'll be doing some more pictures soon with his "normal looking" buzz cut.  This just looks unnatural to me, I guess, because we never fix his hair this way.

Sweetest, happiest boy!

Dex and Cooper the Cowboy!

Looks like Country Boy & City Boy :)

He didn't want to sit in the grass, if you can tell.  It was also super cold in the shade, so that didn't help!

If this ain't preppy, I don't know what is!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

FW Stock Show 2012

We put on our boots yesterday and headed out to the Fort Worth Stock Show.    

We went last year and Dex loved seeing all the animals.  I'm pretty sure we went on MLK day (a Monday) and this year we went on a Saturday, and let me tell you, I was NOT prepared for the crowds!!  Holy cow (pun intended) it was packed!!  But we still had fun, although I held Dex's hand a little tighter this year.

Checking out the baby piglets:

Mimi & Daddy Doug went with us.  I'd say four adults to one toddler sounds about right :) 

Baby chickens, hatching right there in front of our eyes!

Dex had the most fun holding the baby goats.  Oh my cuteness, I almost stole one of these!  

Our official family photo:

them O'Neal boys...

Daddy thought it would be awesome to put Dex on this big tire.  I think he looks like he's hanging on for dear life :)

Driving "Poppy's Tractor"

AND.... drumroll please... he got his very first cowboy hat!!  He's been talking about NEEDING a cowboy hat for a while now, and so...

Monday, January 9, 2012

Dex's 3rd Birthday

Pictures from Dex's 3rd birthday party.  He's all about Thomas these days, so I found Thomas wrapping paper, plates, napkins, and cups, and made a Thomas cake.  I made it the day before his birthday, and every time he'd go in the kitchen he'd say "There's my Thomas cake, Mommy!"  And then every day after his birthday (since we had a ton left over), he'd come in the kitchen and tell me "I need cake!"  Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it didn't matter.  He NEEDED it.  Like, really badly.

I'm still sad that his birthday is so close to Christmas, but I think it'll get better.  We did invite our neighbors over for cake, and they have a little boy that's Dex's age and they had a big ol' time.  That was nice :) 

Happy Birthday, Declan!

A Thomas umbrella.  He actually used this today when he was walking up to his "school," and he had a big smile on his face the entire time.  He loved it!!

That fake "cheese" smile...

... and again...

...AND again.

That's a little better, although I think he's saying something here :)

Now for his favorite part.  CAKE!