Sunday, August 29, 2010

Check Out These Jammies...

Thank you Aunt Shannon!  (and Brooks for sharing his hand-me-downs)  :) 

Coming to put my lens cap on my camera, of course.  He does this EVERY time.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Trip to the Zoo with Cousins!

We just got back from the zoo just a little while ago.  Dex and I went with Aunt Shannon, Brooks & Gentry (3 kids, 2 adults?  Thank goodness Shannon knows what she's doing with the twins, I don't think I was much help...I'm overwhelmed with one!)  The weather was perfect, if not just a smidge warm, but I refuse to complain about 85 degrees, given what we've had the last couple months.  Well, instead of talking, here are some pictures of the kiddos!

Typical boy, climbing on everything!  Thankfully, Shannon was able to keep him out of the gorilla cage!

"Why do you think he's got his back to us?  Doesn't he like us??!"

"Hey, you guys see this?!"

Probably Dex's favorite part of the trip.  Water fountain!!  Although he looks kinda scared here, he definitely was not.  And he did NOT want to leave.  Shoulda got a picture of that

This cracks me up.  :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Outside Weather (FINALLY!)

Well, surprising as it was, I was super happy that my thermostat in my car said 83 degrees on my drive home from work!  83!!  I knew what we were doing when we got home.....   :) 

It is getting increasingly harder to keep Dex still or have him look anywhere near my camera.  Even looking this close was luck. 

Can't we just get ONE picture with a normal expression?  haha!

Nope... Annnnnd he's off!

Our neighbors were outside, as well.  Little Coop doesn't look too happy sharing his ball :)

So he decided to go get his car to play with.

Weeeellllll... it didn't take long for Dex to trade him the ball for the car :)

Today makes me really ready for fall!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pool Fun

"Aunt Tia" came over yesterday!  We walked outside, Dex was fully clothed (shoes and all), and after maybe 5 minutes this was going on....

Ohhhh.... this boy loves his Tia....

Time With Friends

I love the fact that the internet can connect us with old friends.  Dex and I met up with Katie (an old college friend from, ohhh...10 years ago? wow...) and Brooklyn yesterday.  I follow her blog, but I just had to see this little girl in person  :)  So, Dex and I drove over and had a fun little afternoon! 

Seriously, rocking chairs are just SO MUCH FUN, aren't they??  :)

I caught a few expressions that I thougth were worth sharing.  Check out his sideways glance in her direction.  (you may have to click on the picture for a bigger view)


Our attempt to have them hold hands.  But don't you dare ask them to hug, because "noooo...MOMMY do it."  Hehe!!  Precious.

This little girl has the biggest vocabulary I've ever seen on a kid her age.  She just talks and talks and talks, and most of it I can understand!!  Katie can understand it all, but she may hear it a little more often than me  :)  How cute is she???!!

And just a few of my little babe...

He's discovered that he likes to lick his lips, so his tongue is out quite a bit these days...  Do they make baby chapstick?

Can you tell it was sunny yesterday??  (add this picture to our 'little boy, big field' series)

I had a GREAT time (and I'm pretty sure Dex did to)!!  We will definitely do it again!  Yay for the internet and old friends!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dr. Visit & New Shoes

We went to Dex's developmental evaluation last Friday.  Because he was so early, he's been going to see these nice ladies every 3-6 months just to make sure he's catching up to his age group.  Typically, by age 2, the kids should have caught up developmentally to their actual age.  Right now, we still 'adjust' his age by how many weeks he was early.  So, instead of 19 months, his adjusted age would be 15 1/2 months.  His skills, ideally, should lay between 15 1/2 months and 19 months (hopefully closer to the 19 months at this point).  They had him stack blocks, point out pictures on flashcards, throw a ball, kick a ball, put pegs in a hole, eat, color, walk, run, climb stairs, etc, etc.  In every aspect, he rated right at 18 months, and we were extremely happy with that!  That means that he is catching up and bridging that gap in real age and adjusted age.  We go back at 2 years old, and I fully expect at that time, he'll be like every other 2 year old (except maybe a little smaller in size). 

The one thing we asked about was him walking/running on his toes.  She said it was nothing neurological, and it was just a factor of him trying to steady himself by stiffening his feet/ankles.  Her suggestion was to buy some shoes with some stability, possibly high-tops, and have him wear those to keep him down on his heels.  Well, you really don't need to tell us twice that we MUST go buy new shoes!  Obviously, it was critical that Dex have 3 new pairs the day after our visit :)  For the record, Sean bought two of the three pairs!

I'm gonna go ahead and let you guess who purchased these...

His preppy shoes...

Already in the purple, and TCU hasn't even started this season yet :)

I'd say he's done with pictures at this point. 

I realize I've only gotten pictures of two of the three pair.  The others are a larger size so he can wear them later, but you'll see them soon enough, if he keeps growing at his current rate!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Bath Time Pics

Dex has really started to get into his bath time.  If we are around his tub, he will grunt and point and try to get into it before I've even started running water.  And once he's in... well... don't stand too close, because water goes flying everywhere!  He laughs and laughs at himself for splashing and I'm pretty sure when I say "DEX, you're getting everything wet!  AAHHH!" he splashes even harder :)  One of the cutest things to watch... harder to take pictures, because I was trying to keep the camera out of the way of the flying water.  But here's a few I managed!

A few before he really got going... (hair/face still dry)

That's a baby rubber ducky in his mouth, if anyone was wondering...

See, he DOES actually have top teeth!  He just never shows them!

Love this one :)

Okay, I'd kill for those eyelashes.

Ahhh... makes my night happy to watch this  :)