Monday, September 26, 2011

Poor Me.

Dex is sick, and here I am feeling sorry for me... I understand that when babies grow up, the want to do everything themselves.  But doing a breathing treatment used to be one time I still got to snuggle with Dex.  Appears not so much anymore.  He told me he could do it himself, and well... he is actually doing a pretty good job :(

And if that's not a "feel sorry for me" face, I don't know what is!


We all know Dex is a big ol' sucker for trains.  If the train track weaving down our entryway and into our dining room isn't a big enough clue when you walk in our house, then probably the 700 different sized Thomas's would give it away.

So, yesterday we decided to take him to the Grapevine Train Station.  They have a lot of trains just sitting there for people to look at/climb on, plus there's the actual station there too.  It's a pretty cool spot.  They even have Thomas the Train stop by every so often (I don't know when because I refuse to go until Dex is old enough to enjoy/remember it).

You would have thought that kid died and went to heaven.  He talked NON-STOP and wouldn't quit moving, a sure sign he's havin a good time :)

Yes, I realize he's not looking at the camera in ANY of these.  It's hit or miss these days :)

Also, he got his first cold turned asthma attack of the season last night.  Obviously having a runny nose & cough wouldn't be so bad if it didn't affect his lungs the way it does.  We were up most of the night, doing breathing treatments and generally him just being uncomfortable and straining to breath.  So... we went ahead and went back to the pediatrician this morning to get prescriptions for the fall.  We'll start him back on his inhalers and Claritin, so hopefully this fall season won't be quite as bad as last years.  Fingers crossed!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Small Photo Dump

Here are just a few random happenings around our house in the last couple of days.  I am trying to remember to keep my camera handy.  I think the problem has been that I am working a LOT on wedding pictures I've shot recently, and so when I'm with Dex, I don't want to think about photography :)  But HE'S what I need to be capturing, so I'm making a renewed effort!

If he can complete this puzzle, does this mean he knows how to spell his name??   ;)  He does know the letters though!

A picture he drew.  It's good, right??!  I'm pretty sure he's an art prodigy (again, a little wink emoticon might be in order)  ;)

(in case you just don't have an artist eye and can't see it, it's OBVIOUSLY a stick person!)

This morning I lost him for a little bit, but never fear... he was doing me a huge favor and feeding Lily.  He does this quite a bit.  And thankfully I caught him this time before he could feed her as much as he normally does.

And finally, here he is watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse this morning.  I just thought he looked cute :)  I think he might not be feeling well though, because he is never this still.  And true to form, now he's pulling on my sleeve and wanting to go outside.  So... here we go! 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just Outside Having a Little Fun!

There is no real reason for this post, other than I actually remembered to take my camera outside with us today.  I can't tell you how much I am enjoying being able to stay outside for an hour or two in the evenings and not be completely miserable.  So happy with that :)

Having said that, here are a bunch of pictures of him being his silly self.  He is in SUCH a silly stage, it's too funny!!  I need to be compiling a list of things he says.  Although I'm not sure they'd be as funny written down as they are when he says them!!  ha!

All that playing deserves a water break!!!

Oh... and those things on his feet?  Braces... and crocs because that's one of the two pairs of shoes that will fit over those things.

He is really bad about walking on his toes, so these are to help him strengthen the muscles to walk correctly.  If it's not corrected now, it could lead to a lot of problems later on that might not be so easy to fix (which could including surgery).  He calls them his "cool shoes" and actually really loves them.  Probably because we make them sound sooooo cool  :)   

AND finally - my attempt at taking a picture of the two of us.  Where is someone to take the picture for you when you need them?  haha!  

Monday, September 12, 2011


Dex has been going to Mrs. Kristy's house for about 3-4 months now.... It's been a roller coaster, to say the least.  For about the first two months (maybe longer, I lost count after about 45 days), Dex cried at drop off.  Every. Single. Day.  No exceptions.  At first, I cried too.  I mean, that kind of thing really wears on me.  BUT, I knew he wasn't crying because he wasn't having fun or didn't like it there.  Quite the contrary, he began to LOVE it there!  At first, he cried because he was in a new place, didn't know anybody, and had a completely different schedule than he was used to.  And after a few days of that, I believe it had just become this habit, plus he is a total Momma's boy and just didn't want me to leave.  The first drop off we had that he didn't scream, I got back in my car... and cried the whole way to work!!  I guess he gets his sensitivity honestly :)

Anyway - I absolutely love Mrs. Kristy and I know Dex does as well.  We still have a little scene at drop-off a couple days a week, but every time I pick him up, he is beaming from ear to ear and talking about his friends at school.  Just yesterday, we were outside drawing with chalk on the sidewalk, and he made me draw every single one of the kids (they were stick figures, I'm not that good).

I hope everyone that has to put there kids in someone else's care all day long gets to love where their kids are as much as I do.  Dex is learning things every single day, and I am just amazed at what he comes home knowing!  He sang the alphabet song (really loudly) the whole time we were grocery shopping today.  And he sang it correctly!  And he can count to 10, he sings and motions to 'The Itsy-Bitsy Spider', knows a TON of colors, says 'bless you!' whenever someone sneezes, and I could go on and on!  OH - he knows his colors in Spanish, too!  He talks constantly, and I guess I've just never seen a little mind at work before, because he shocks me all the time at the things he knows!

Today's theme at school was "Magnificent ME!" and he came home wearing this crown.  He brings these projects home almost daily, and I really do love seeing his creations :)

(sweet innocent face) 

(a little more normal :))

This has been such a long journey, and I know it's not over.  But I wanted to document a little piece of it.  My dream is to still be able to stay home with my little man, but until I can do that, I am very grateful for where he is :)  Thank you Mrs. Kristy - for helping Dex adjust... and for being patient while Momma adjusted :)  

Monday, September 5, 2011

Dex Sees His Shadow

He's seen his shadow before, but I finally got it on video.  Soooo funny :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Season Opener - TCU vs. Baylor

I'm getting this in under the wire!  And I had such cute things planned for the pictures for this game... As you'll see, I didn't get to execute any of them.  I basically chased Dex around for 10 minutes and tried to get a picture showing both his face and his TCU shirt.

I accidentally got this one:

Then he went to lay on Lily...

Then he tried to run away...

Then he decided to show me how he can jump off the ottoman...

Well, regardless... let's start the season off right and GO FROGS!!!