Saturday, June 22, 2013


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I think this is an idea we can all participate in if you want to.  So join in, fellow bloggers!!!   

I literally walked around 2 rooms in my house this morning and I found an abundance of evidence that we live with two children here.  Please take your own photos of evidence your children rule your home :)

Dex came in after this happened and was very concerned that I would be worried that he poured out all of our cat's food.  He told me "but she needs to DIG FOR TREASURE HERE."  And obviously, that made it okay. 

Is my child OCD?  There's really no way to tell  :)


Just Because I Like This Picture :)

Anna has discovered our "sand box" out front (ie - used to be my flower bed... now it's filled with shovels and dump trucks.)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fun Friday

So, Anna's school was closed on Friday and I had to stay home with her.  I decided to keep both of the kids home and we had a really fun day :)  I know it wouldn't be like this every single day if I was a stay at home mom, but it sure makes me wish I could do it based on the one day I did!  haha!

I had planned on documenting the whole day, but I didn't end up doing it.  I wanted to do it with my good camera, and I just didn't have the means to tote everything around when we were outside the house.  But don't you worry!  I ordered a brand new camera strap that is just for occasions like this!!  Sean's cringing reading this and wondering how much money I spent on such an item that I will probably use once.  But it looks so cool on the website!

We started the day by spending lots of time in the playroom... these are rare photos of Lilly actually letting the kids touch her.

Baby girl got flashed in the eyes, and didn't mind one bit!

At some point, Dex went to the potty and came back completely naked.  He thought it was pretty funny.  Because naked in the playroom is funny, right?  

While that was going on, Anna got actual clothes on and her hair went in its first ponytail (see last post)!

More naked Dex...

More Anna with a ponytail...

We just got a brand new awesome spray park a half mile from our house and I was all geared up to go. I asked Dex if he was excited and he said he'd rather play in our sprinkler at home.  I guess I couldn't argue with that!

Anna LOVED the sprinkler.  She actually just loves the water.  She loves bathes, loves the swimming pool, loves splashing, loves it all.

I think this picture of Dex is going on our wall :)

Of course, Anna eating :)  Little chunk.

And finally, Dex exploring behind the pool.

This is where the pictures stop for the day because we left the house.  We went to the grocery store, went to Target, and got Dex's hair cut... next time I'll have pictures.  You know, because of my new awesome camera strap :) 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pickle's Ponytail

I am in love with this little girl (and her ponytail) :)

Monday, June 10, 2013

She's A Walker!

This is from last week and I'm just now getting to posting it... looks like we've got a walker on our hands, folks :)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Phone Dump

One of the many, many reasons I love the lady that keeps Anna during the week!  This is one of the cutest things ever, and I know all of the parents got a kick out of it!

Anna can't stay away when Dex is in the bath.  Can NOT stay away.

He must've been a little tired...


Dex wrote his name :)

The next three pictures are some of my all-time favorites...

Sleeping with her temperature leg out.

Going for a walk.  Anna's wondering what's wrong with her brother.

Loves her reflection :)