Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Brady!!!

We traveled to Houston this last weekend to celebrate little boy Brady!!

I'd say he racked up on the gifts!

Mom & Dad made everyone matching baseball shirts for the occasion.

Even Willa got one!

Team Brady!!  

Notice Willa patiently waiting for one of those kids to turn their heads for juuuuust a second. 

I feel sorry for Dex when these kids get old enough to realize they don't want him to help :)  He loves "helping" open presents!

Cool little art piece from my Dad.  He found the Texas that Papa had made 30 years ago, and built the frame around it for Brady.  Pretty neat!

Brady is quite the monkey.  He was constantly crawling on things, just so he could go off them head-first. 

And he's walking now!

He shared with anybody who's face got close :)

Stop.  Back away from my cupcake.

Might be hitting the sugar coma at this point...

We were trying to get a picture of all the kids... kinda like this...

But we mostly got things like this:

And this:


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Baseball Boy

A few pictures I took of Dex before his game on Saturday...

Monday, September 8, 2014


 I have no words for this.  I just needed to put it out here for posterity.

Our sweet, angelic kids took my newborn bean-bag that I use for photography and dumped. it. everywhere.  I can't even...

(This is Anna saying "Snow EVERYWHERE!")

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fall Ball

We started Fall T-Ball games today!  

Dex and his BFF Cooper.  
Story about Dex's outfit: I bought him Small pants this year because I thought last year's pants were XS and they were a little tight.  Well... we tried them on before the game and they were ENORMOUS.  Like, unwearable.  So, I sent Sean to the store to try to find XS (his last year's pants were XXS apparently) and he was gonna meet us at the game with them.  THEN, I forgot Dex's hat, so I called Sean to stop by the house on his way back and grab the hat.  WOW.  Talk about prepared!

And then our sweeeeeeet little girl wanted to wear these Superman slippers, and by this time, I was done trying to fight any battles, so she got to wear them. 

Dex with his pants and his hat (before game time even!!  Go Mom & Dad!)  He's the one in the red shoes.  #25 again.  And right beside Cooper, always.

The game was at 12:30.  Smack dab in the middle of Anna's nap time.  She was so tired.  This was before the game even started.  Ahhhh... can't catch a break. 

I also got roped into keeping the book for the game.  So Sean got Anna duty.  She kept wanting to sit in my lap though.  One time, I turned around with my camera and said "Anna, can I take your picture?"  And she said "Okay!  Sure!" and I got this smile  :)  

Poor thing gets soooooo sweaty when it's hot!  Her head is drenched.

Sean entertaining a sleepy girl!

Game over!  Dex and Cooper cutting up in the team line.

He totally has my "fake smile" here!

Goooo Denominators!!  I mean, DOMINATORS!  :)  Haha!  (I can't help but call them the Denominators for some reason... must be my math brain)