Thursday, December 29, 2011

More Things He Says

Dex has been staying home with Daddy this week.  Sean sent me a couple of texts of things Dex said that made me laugh out loud, so I wanted to write them down to remember. 

Sean: A Linkin Park Song came on while we were dancing and Dex said, "This is Rock n Roll, Daddy!"

Sean: Dex just said, "I don't want to eat now Daddy.  Thank you though." 

Here's a video with him just saying 'no thank you though.':

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, Dex!!

As of 4:55 am this morning, we officially have a 3 year old!  He is the most wonderful Christmas gift we could ever have received!

He loves:
- Trains (Thomas the Train in particular)  He plays with his trains constantly and usually takes at least one of his trains with him wherever we go.
- Jumping.  On the beds.  On the floor.  Off the couch.  Whatever and wherever!  Could be why he received a trampoline and a bouncy ball hopper thingie (official name) for Christmas.  I'm thinking we might need to invest in a helmet soon.
- Having somebody to play with (although he's been playing independently more often lately).
- Visits from Tia, Poppy & Emi, Mimi & Daddy Doug.  Anytime they leave, he asks where they went for at least the rest of the day.
- 'PBJ & Jelly' Sandwiches.
- Milky Ways.
- Donut holes.  Especially the chocolate ones.
- Riding in Daddy's car.
- Playing OUTSIDE!  If he could sleep outside, he'd be in heaven.

- He talks constantly.  Commentating what's going on... repeating what anyone just said... telling you exactly what he's doing... it doesn't matter, as long as his mouth is moving, he's pretty happy.
- He just started with the WHY?  Sean got the why question about 50 times yesterday, and he finally just answered 'I just told you' over and over again.  Ha!  This is going to be F-U-N.
- When you ask him why he did something he says 'but I want to!'  And if you ask him why someone else did something he says 'but he/she want to!'  Why is your bear out of your bed?  But he want to!
- Wherever we are, he says HI! and waves to anyone that we pass.  Usually people respond with a smile and a hello, thankfully.  Then Dex will turn to me and say "I just told that girl hi, Mommy!"  (here's where he starts commentating again)
- He hears "what do you say?" so many times, that now he just responds "Please and thank you."  Yep, that pretty much covers everything.

And on and on and on I could go.  Dex - you are the most precious little boy and we love you SOOO much!  I hope that 3 is the best year of your little life so far :)  You make your Daddy and I proud every single day.  xoxoxoxo

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Here We GOOO!

Dex getting after the first present he was allowed to open this year!  From my very sweet friend Karissa. She sent Dex a book about a Train in Alaska.  Good call!  We seriously had to read it 5 times before he went to bed that night.  I pointed out all the Alaskan animals, and I'm not sure that he'd heard of any of them... for example - I showed him the hare, he told me no, that's a bunny.  I said, well... that's also a hare.  NO, a BUNNY.  Um, okay.

Why do parents teach their children to say "CHEESE" when this face is always what happens (instead of a smile)

We also got this really cool fishing boat ornament!  Here is Dex trying to show the camera.

His book and ornament  :)

Daddy trying to help.  BIIIIIGGG help, Daddy.  :)

Only two more days until we start the heavy duty Christmas festivities!  First with my family on Friday.  And then it's back home for Christmas morning in Grapevine, and Christmas Day with the O'Neals!  I am very excited this year, and I think it's because I actually feel ready.  Last year I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off and it wasn't fun.  Note to self:  SLOW DOWN during the holidays and enjoy it!!  So happy :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Our Christmas Card Picture

We had so much fun taking this picture :)  We set it up at my parents house over Thanksgiving... I bought a background for $5 at Party Supply, a "tacky sweater vest" and earrings at Wal-Mart (which my Mom wears now, by the way.  ON PURPOSE.), and to top if all off, my Dad let us wear his parents glasses.  Add a glorious moustache, some 80's hair and makeup, and I think it all came together beautifully!  Haha! 

We got a good laugh out of it, and I hope you do too! 

I feel like Dex is saying "WHY AM I HERE?" with that facial expression.  Ha!  Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dex's 1st TCU Game

We probably couldn't have picked a yuckier day to take Dex to the TCU game, but he still had a blast!  It was rain-y and cold, but not rainy or cold enough to keep us away!

First, we got his face painted...

He LOVED watching the band and waiting for the players to run out.

Like I said, it was c-h-i-l-l-y...


Even though we left after the 1st quarter, he had a big time!  Can't wait for him to go again next year :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

CHOO CHOO!! Polar Express!!

Tonight Mimi and Daddy Doug treated us to a ride on the Polar Express!  Dex's favorite thing in the world right now is trains... so you can imagine his excitement to actually get to RIDE one!  He was beside himself.  I am soooo grateful to Mimi for organizing the whole thing (we rode with Aunt Shannon, Uncle Jerry, Brooks and Gentry, too!!) and giving us the opportunity to make a little boy VERRRRY happy :) 

Here he is getting ready to go with some chocolate chip cookies (yes, cookieSSSSS) and milk.

Dex and Brooks.  I love this :)  (oh, and all the little kids wore PJ's for the ride, in case you haven't seen Polar Express)

Waiting, waiting, waiting.  He looks patient here, but mostly he was running in circles yelling CHOO CHOO!! and ALL ABOARD!!

Think he wanted to take this picture?  Nope.

Santa made his rounds on the train!  Dex did better than expected and said HI SANTA!  And he waved!  And he actually let him sit right next to us!  Success!!

But still a little unsure :)

The precious kiddos!  Brooks, Dex, and Gentry.

Here's our official Santa picture.  While we were waiting in line, Dex told everyone within earshot that he was going to see Santa and that he was going to sit in his lap.  Ummm... not so much.  Mommy got to sit in his lap though, while he hung on for dear life :)   And that face is him saying "CHEESE."

I'm sooooo into the Holiday spirit these days!  This was perfect and so much fun :)  So glad we it!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Some Things He Says

Dex is so shocking these days with how well he talks and converses.  He's SO smart, it just blows my mind!  He understands everything (it seems like).  It's like having a conversation with an actual person, instead of trying to talk to him with words he'll understand.  It's pretty amazing.  And practically ALWAYS hilarious  :)

1.  This Thanksgiving Holiday, we were all sitting around the living room... my Dad (Poppy) was calling for Dex, but he wasn't listening. 
Me: "Dex!  Go see what Poppy wants.  What does Poppy want?" 
Dex (without looking up from playing):  "A bulldozer." 
2.  Dex was in the living room playing with his toy tow truck. 
Dex:  "You like my truck, Mommy?" 
Me:  "Yes, I do!  I LOVE it!"
Dex:  "Do you want to touch it?"

3.  In the car this morning driving to school (Miss Kristy's house) 
Dex:  "Mommy!  Miss Kristy says "Dex!!!  SIT DOWN!"
(way to tell on yourself there, little man)

4.  Again in the car this morning...
Dex:  "Cookie Monster likes to eat cookies!"
Me:  "That's right!  I do too!  Do you like cookies?"
Dex:  "Yes, I DO like cookies!"
Me:  "You're a little cookie monster then!  If you like cookies."
Dex:  "No I'm NOT a cookie monster!"
Me:  "You're not?  What are you then?"
Dex:  "Me!"

And on and on I could go...  I will think of some more and get them written down  :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Daddy's Birthday!!

I tried to get some shots of Dex with Sean on Sunday for his birthday.  It's funny how many days/weeks/months slip by without realizing you haven't taken a picture of your family...  These are the ones we'll cherish for years to come :)  So here is my attempt at a still 30-something year old (not too many of these birthdays left!  wink, wink) and his almost 3 year old BIG BOY!

Happy Birthday Baby!!  We love you!

Not sure what's going on here, but it's kinda funny!

And then... it got a little more fun for Declan :)  (and somehow between the last pictures and these, he lost his pants.)

Sean's face says it all!!  Ha!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

So Much Fun :)

He always fights bath time, but once he's in, I can't get him out!!

Hello Sean Jr...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Pictures

Here are some pictures from our Halloween!

These were taken while at our church's Trunk or Treat on Sunday.  He apparently LOVED the big bunny!  Who wouldn't??!  Sooo soft.....

These were taken by Mimi's friend... and I would really like to know how she got Dex to look at the camera for this shot:

And these are from Halloween night in our neighborhood.  We were able to go trick'or'treating with some of our neighbors, and I think it made it 10x more fun :)  Seeing all the excited little kids was so cool!!

About to knock on the first door... He couldn't really decide if he wanted to knock or not, and kept saying 'Come on Momma!  Come on!'

His favorite candy of the night... suckers!!

Dex and his friend Cooper!  (both with suckers)

He started getting braver as the night wore on and just took off with the other kids.

Drunk on sugar, apparently...

We had so much fun!!  Hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween!!