Sunday, October 28, 2012

iPhone Photo Dump... Again...

This seems to be the best I can do these days.  To say I'm busy and overwhelmed is an understatement.  So I continue to try to remember to take pictures of my beautiful children with my cell phone :)

Look at those eye lashes growing in :)

Holding her head up like such a big girl!!

This is how Dex feeds Lilly... I'm surprised she doesn't weigh 100 pounds.

Check out that bow in her hair!

Dex and his cool shades like Tia.

I love these little Baby Legs!  So stinking cute.

Dex went to school as a Train Conductor again this year.  He has another outfit that I will debut sometime later.  But since this still fit him, he had the choice of what to wear to his school party, and wouldn't you know, the train conductor outfit won.

Him and his little school friends!  I find this picture particularly hilarious for some reason.

Sweetie pie.

That is all!!  :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Skin & Bones

More Funnies

All three of these conversations happened in the car ride home yesterday... Man, I love my rides home these days.  He just talks the whole time and it's so funny :)

Me:  Are you excited we are going out to eat for Walker's birthday?  We're going to have Mexican food!!
Dex:  Um, I don't like Messy-ga food.
Me:  What?  You don't even know what it is!  Do you like nachos?  Do you like enchiladas?  Or quesadillas?  Or chips and dip?  Or chips and cheese?
Dex:  Oh!  I DO like Messy-ga food!

Dex had made a craft at school and his teacher had written his name on it.  D-e-c-l-a-n.  He normally spells his name D-e-x, with emphasis on the X.  He writes that letter first.
Dex:  Hey mommy, look! (pointing at his name) This spells me!    D. E.  Wait... this isn't right.  What's this letter? 
Me:  C
Dex:  And this?
Me:  L - A - N
Dex:  Well, this isn't right at all!! 
This started a conversation about nick-names, which I must say, is very confusing when you're trying to explain it to a 3 year old! 

Dex:  (Making a camera with his hands)  Hey mommy!  Make a silly face and I'll take your picture!
So I turned around and made a silly face at him and he clicked his camera and then pulled it away from his face to "look" at the back of it.
Dex:  Aww man!  This one is blurry!  Let me do it again.

And finally, on the way to school this morning we were talking about Anna going to her "baby school" and Dex going to "big boy school."  I said, "when Anna gets to be 2 years old, she's going to go to your school.  And when you turn 5, you're going to go to Kindergarden!! 
Dex:  Yeah!!  And when I get older and grow bigger and bigger than Daddy, then I will get to go to work with you guys!  Right, mommy?  

Monday, October 8, 2012

Zoo Time 2012

Since Sean and I are off today for Columbus Day, we took the family to the Fort Worth Zoo.  Dex started getting tired when we got there, but he was a trooper and still had a really good time.  We got home and he woke up from a nap with a 101 fever, so I guess he really wasn't feeling that well.  Poor guy... you can tell in a couple of these pictures that he was feeling kinda 'droopy.'

While we looked at all the cool animals, Annabel did a whole lot of this:

Riding the train!  Dex's favorite part.  See he's holding his train ticket  :)

How Annabel rides the Yellow Rose Express:

See?  Sicky.

His second favorite thing - the carousel.  Come to think of it, his two favorite things had nothing to do with the animals.  Ha!

Love his face in this one:

Watching Daddy shoot things.

Eating his M&M's, trying to pick out the red ones because apparently, they taste the best.

Still sleeping...

Check out this monster!!  Holy woah.

Fun day!  Now off to take care of my sick little boy. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bath Fun Time

It's been a while since I've taken bath pictures of Dex... so as I was watching him perform some kind of train puppet show, I thought I'd go grab the camera!

Then things got silly :)

Love this little boy so much!!  :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Funnies, Part II

A few more haha's I want to remember  :)

Poppy told Dex to go say "What's up with that?" to Uncle Blake.  He must have gotten a little confused between the instructions and the delivery because he went over to him and said "What's that up for?"

Poppy & Emi were staying with us last weekend.  Dex had gone to bed and kept getting out of bed and running around upstairs, just generally doing anything he could not to have to fall asleep.  I had been upstairs once or twice and finally Sean went up.  He told him that if he would lay down in bed for a certain amount of time, then Emi would come up and read him a story.  Finally, after a while we hadn't heard him moving around, so she went upstairs to tell him goodnight. 
Dex: "I thought you weren't coming up here."
Emi: "Well, your Daddy said if you were good and laid down for 30 minutes and were quiet, then I would come up."
Dex: "But I haven't been!"

One morning, Anna was crying pretty much the whole way to Dex's school... we kept hitting red lights, and the stopping made her cry louder.  At one red light Dex finally exclaimed "Come on green light!  This is ridiculous!"

Dex had a bag of M&M's in the car, and I asked him if I could have one.  He handed me one and said "Here you go, little lady!"