Tuesday, January 29, 2013

6 Months!! (Already??!!)

Our sweet little Annabel Quinn is 6 months already.  I am actually really happy to have her this age!  I looooove this age.  Sweet smiles and inquisitive eyes at the world around her... the best :)

She is such a good baby.  She honestly seems happy all. the. time.  We get a good report from her "school" every single day and her smile just melts my heart.

She's starting to love baby food, and I'm pretty sure bananas are her favorite so far.  She eats everything, though.  Prunes may be one of her least favorite.  Oh, and peas.  

She loves her brother and whenever he laughs, she laughs.  No matter what he's laughing at!

Just today she started sitting up all by herself!!  I'll post a video tomorrow, hopefully.

She goes by Anna, Annabel, Anna-belly, Annie, Pickle Annie, Sweet Pickle, Baby Girl, and so many other names :)  Who knew Annabel had so many options!  ha!

She loves her exer-saucer (?) (round thingie) the best.  I think probably because she can sit up and look around and feel like a big kid.

She rolls over like a champ.  She can go back to front, front to back... all over the floor.  Just this morning, I watched her get her knees underneath her like she wanted to crawl.  Wow, that was fast!!  

Dex loves his little sister and she adores him.  Soooo cute to see.  He hasn't once been mean to her or seemed threatened by her.  I know they will have their arguments as they get older, but I do hope he's always this protective of her.  I have no doubt she'll always want to be just like him, and I hope he lets her tag along sometimes :)

Happy 6 months, Pickle!  We love you so much!

Monday, January 21, 2013


Just a few random pictures from tonight :)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Family Photos 2012

We took some family photos this year.  It really is a pain to get "dressed up" for pictures, but it sure is nice to have them once they're done :)  I love my family soooo much!  We are blessed beyond words.

Dex being the SILLIEST!

Trying to keep your hands warm, Emi??  Poor Anna's legs are purple :)

Andrew and his sweet girlfriend, Jessica.  "Jes-si-ca...sheeeee's the best one..." (inside joke) :)

Can't leave out Tia, Uncle Blake & Willa!!

We Might Have a Genius on our Hands

I went to pick up Dex from his school yesterday, and he handed me his work for that day.  His teacher was looking at me expectantly as I looked at it.  I said "Did he write this all by himself??"  And he did!!  What a smart little boy!  :) 
I realize this is probably normal for a kid Dex's age, but HEY, I can be proud!!  Especially if his teacher tells me it's good!  She must know, right?  :)  haha!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas 2012

This year, I did the video camera most of the time... when Santa came on Christmas Eve and getting presents Christmas morning... so, I didn't get many actual pictures, but I'll love to have the video when the kids are older, I know.  Here are a few random photos from the weekend at my parents and a few more of Dex getting his Train Table from Mimi & Daddy Doug.

Opening his Christmas Eve Eve Eve present :)

Tia giving Dex kisses!

Making the gingerbread house:

Turned out soooo beautiful!  haha!

Sean "lovingly" putting together Dex's train table... that thing was surprisingly complex!

Coming out to see his present:

Showing Gentry...

So... like I said,  not many pictures this year, but I'm sure we got a bunch on our iPhone's, and the videos will more than make up for it later.  We had a wonderful Christmas month!  

I'll post some family photos we took on a post tomorrow!  

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dex's "Actual Birthday" Photos

I'm getting a little out of order, putting Dex's birthday before Christmas, but oh well :)  Here are a few pictures of him decorating his birthday cupcakes and him with his cupcake tower!

Tongue out = concentration.

He especially liked eating the icing... that kid has the biggest sweet tooth I've EVER seen.  And I've known quite a few sweet tooths (teeth?).   

Happy Birthday, my sweetest boy (ever)!!