Monday, August 29, 2011

For Aunt Jeannie

Before I get on a rant about how I wish I was able to post more (and I swear I would if had ONE EXTRA SECOND in my day), I wanted to post a couple pics from this last weekend in Milam.  These are for Aunt Jeannie :)

He dominated this game  :)  Thanks Aunt Jeannie for bringing it over to play with!

And on a side note... please disregard his t-shirt.  We have my parents to thank for that one!!  He's the ring-bearer for my sister's wedding (that's Blake and Amanda's picture) and my parents are screen printers... (if that makes him wearing that thing any better).  Bridesmaids and groomsmen beware :) Haha!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thomas the Train

Can someone tell me why my son loves this thing so much???

Gotta say... he's not my favorite.  However, I don't actually see anything inherently wrong with him, so I let him have his Thomas.  But... he watches him in the morning, plays trains before school, plays trains when we get home, and then wants to sleep with Thomas at night.  Yesterday, he woke up, and without lifting his head from his pillow said "My play trains... My play Thomas..."

Our neighbor gave us this little hand-me-down train set, and Dex has been having a BLAST.  And he wants everyone else to play with him.  "MOMMMMMY!!!  TRAAAIIIINS!  Come play, Mommy!!  Come play TRAAAAIIINS!"  

"Come on, Mommy!  Come ON, Mommy!"

And as a side note, yes... I guess I am officially Mommy now instead of Momma.  Dang you, Caillou.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dex = Carpenter & Master Painter

Just take a look at what he built and painted this weekend!

Sorry, that picture was taken with my crappy iPhone 3G -no S-   :)

He sticks his tongue out when he concentrates :)  He does it a lot when he's drawing, too.

He even painted where he was supposed to (for the most part)!  Folks, I'm pretty sure we have a genius on our hands!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


For those who didn't know... Sean and I have been in Santa Fe for the last week and a day.  It was FABULOUS!

We spent the first 5 days on vacation, then I had to "work."  I shot a wedding at the Loretto Chapel, which is work in a wonderfully awesome way :)  I'll try to post some scenery pictures of our trip soon!  

So... all that to say, I'm back now and so happy to be with my baby boy again!  While we were away, he spent a few days with Pop(py) and Emi and then the remainder of the time with Mimi & Daddy Doug.  He did great, but oh how I missed him!  side note... he grew and matured by about a year in the week we were gone!  How does that happen??!

Here he is eating ice tonight.  I HATE eating ice, but I guess I'll let him, since it is 110 degrees outside.  And because he looks so dern cute doing it.