Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Some Things He Says

Dex is so shocking these days with how well he talks and converses.  He's SO smart, it just blows my mind!  He understands everything (it seems like).  It's like having a conversation with an actual person, instead of trying to talk to him with words he'll understand.  It's pretty amazing.  And practically ALWAYS hilarious  :)

1.  This Thanksgiving Holiday, we were all sitting around the living room... my Dad (Poppy) was calling for Dex, but he wasn't listening. 
Me: "Dex!  Go see what Poppy wants.  What does Poppy want?" 
Dex (without looking up from playing):  "A bulldozer." 
2.  Dex was in the living room playing with his toy tow truck. 
Dex:  "You like my truck, Mommy?" 
Me:  "Yes, I do!  I LOVE it!"
Dex:  "Do you want to touch it?"

3.  In the car this morning driving to school (Miss Kristy's house) 
Dex:  "Mommy!  Miss Kristy says "Dex!!!  SIT DOWN!"
(way to tell on yourself there, little man)

4.  Again in the car this morning...
Dex:  "Cookie Monster likes to eat cookies!"
Me:  "That's right!  I do too!  Do you like cookies?"
Dex:  "Yes, I DO like cookies!"
Me:  "You're a little cookie monster then!  If you like cookies."
Dex:  "No I'm NOT a cookie monster!"
Me:  "You're not?  What are you then?"
Dex:  "Me!"

And on and on I could go...  I will think of some more and get them written down  :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Daddy's Birthday!!

I tried to get some shots of Dex with Sean on Sunday for his birthday.  It's funny how many days/weeks/months slip by without realizing you haven't taken a picture of your family...  These are the ones we'll cherish for years to come :)  So here is my attempt at a still 30-something year old (not too many of these birthdays left!  wink, wink) and his almost 3 year old BIG BOY!

Happy Birthday Baby!!  We love you!

Not sure what's going on here, but it's kinda funny!

And then... it got a little more fun for Declan :)  (and somehow between the last pictures and these, he lost his pants.)

Sean's face says it all!!  Ha!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

So Much Fun :)

He always fights bath time, but once he's in, I can't get him out!!

Hello Sean Jr...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Pictures

Here are some pictures from our Halloween!

These were taken while at our church's Trunk or Treat on Sunday.  He apparently LOVED the big bunny!  Who wouldn't??!  Sooo soft.....

These were taken by Mimi's friend... and I would really like to know how she got Dex to look at the camera for this shot:

And these are from Halloween night in our neighborhood.  We were able to go trick'or'treating with some of our neighbors, and I think it made it 10x more fun :)  Seeing all the excited little kids was so cool!!

About to knock on the first door... He couldn't really decide if he wanted to knock or not, and kept saying 'Come on Momma!  Come on!'

His favorite candy of the night... suckers!!

Dex and his friend Cooper!  (both with suckers)

He started getting braver as the night wore on and just took off with the other kids.

Drunk on sugar, apparently...

We had so much fun!!  Hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween!!