Saturday, September 29, 2012

Anna is 2 Months!

Caught her smiling :)  (Thanks to Daddy)

She has her 2 month appointment next Wednesday.  Interested to see how big she's gotten!  Not interested to see how the shots go...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Funny Boy

Dex says something hilarious at least once a day.  I wish I could write them all down, but unfortunately I don't... and even if I think I can remember them, again, unfortunately I don't.  I'm going to try to write some of them down in my phone until I can get them to the blog (because this is where I'm trying to compile all my memories)  :)

These may not be as funny to everyone else because actually seeing it is probably way funnier than just reading it!

Dex came in and tattled on his friend while they were playing, and Sean pulled him away from what they were doing to talk to him about tattling and also about sharing.  I'm not gonna lie, he kinda went on and on (sorry Babe!  haha!) and when there was a pause in his lesson, Dex looked at him and said "Are you done talking?"

Dex is underfoot a lot of the time, and one time I backed into him and bumped him (and probably stepped on something) and Dex said "Mommy!!  You just HIT me!" all incredulous like (which he does no matter if it was an accident or not, or just a brush of a hand or a full on foot stomp).  I said "I'm sorry!!"  And he said "That's not okay.  But I forgive you."

Poppy taught him a fun little jingle, and Dex was reciting it one day in the back of the car, except he got it slightly wrong. 
This is what I heard him say:  "Birdie, birdie in the sky!  Why you do that in my eye?  I'm sure glad that cows don't poop!!"

Annabel has started going to her "daycare" (a lady that keeps a few kids in her house) and the last two days Dex has wanted to go in with me when we pick her up so that he can see all the babies.  We walked in yesterday (Dex's second day to meet Mrs. D) and he walked up to her and said "Are you a princess?"  She just laughed and said "bless you child!" and gave him a big ol' hug!  haha!  I asked him on the way home why he asked her that and he said "Because she keeps all the babies!!"  ????  No idea :)

I'll try to remember some more to post here, but if not, then hopefully I can at least keep track of more stories going forward!! 

Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

iPhone Photo Dump :)

My iPhone has been my go-to camera these days... it's always there and I can message pictures to people without any hassle :)  So, I've taken most of Anna's pics on my phone.  Here's my updated "dump"!

It's like they bring out the SLEEP in each other.  I think I've posted another picture of him sleeping and holding here not that long ago... hmm...

The shirt doesn't really match the mood:

Trying to catch her smiling, but being unsuccessful.

Anna was crying and Dex came in and said "AN-NA-BEL!  Calm DOWN!!" :)

Dex's new watching TV spot...

Playing soccer with Uncle Blake!

Silly boy's silly face:

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Annabel's Newborn Pics

I just got Anna's newborn pictures today and I'm so excited :)  Brandi does such a great job, I am in love with these!

Here are a few samples of our pics...

photo credits: B4 Photography (

Anna with her adoring big brother.  He's just SOOOO sweet!

And a couple family shots:

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

E'erbody get your HANDS UP!

(That was me rapping...)

And my favorite:

Monday, September 10, 2012

TCU Opener

Sean and I took Dex to the first TCU game of the year, leaving Anna with Mimi & DD.  I wish I had taken more pictures, but alas, I spent most of my time before the game making sure he didn't run away from the tailgate and talking with friends, and most of my time during the game holding him and his ears from all of the loud noises!  Ha!  Wow, our little group had about 7 kids under 4 in the stands together and at one point every single one of them was crying!  It was so sad, but also pretty funny to see  :)  They had a fly-over at the end of the national anthem and OMGosh, that was one of the loudest things I've EVER heard.  And then once the kids settled down, they had some guy flying in on a jet pack which sounded exactly like the loudest white noise in the world might sound!  Plus the speakers and sound system in that new stadium are just insane!  It was pandemonium there for a while.  I am not exaggerating, I wanted to cry, too.  And then of course, every time the crowd would start cheering or a noise started, Dex covered his ears in anticipation.  *sigh*  Besides all that, he had a great time at the tailgate and walking through Frog Alley before the game.  And I actually think he enjoyed parts of the game when he was watching it  :)

The tailgate this year is AMAZING.  Truly.  Like all professional-like.  I wish I had gotten a picture of it with everyone there and it all set up, but I didn't.  I will try to remember to do that next time!

In Frog Alley... Dex wanted to ride down this slide, but he stopped at the top and used it as his personal jumping bounce house.  He wouldn't come down because he just wanted to bounce!  ha!  He finally came down with our new friend and her baby :)

He would have done this a million times if we would have let him.

Once we got to our seats...

Dex got a new favorite hat :)  I love this kid in a hat!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Poppy built Dex a sandbox in their backyard.  He loved it so much!!  These are the things I miss about living in the country and having lots of space...

For the record, when we were kids, our sandbox was WAAAYYYYY behind this tree:

Dex's sandbox is basically right out the back door!  Anyone notice a difference in the treatment of kids and grandkids??!  ;-)

Anna and I hung out on the porch and watched...

Always with those hands up!