Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dex's Fun Filled Vacation

I was watching TV the other night, and a lady on there was about to leave her 3 year old with her parents for a night FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER.  Hello, what??  How do you make it 3 year without ever spending a night away from your kid(s)?  Maybe I'm just a little spoiled because I know my kid is well taken care of (probably better than he is at home!!) when he's at either one of his grandparents houses.  And for that, I am truely grateful :)

Here are a few of my favorite pictures that my mom sent me from Dex's week at Pop & Emi's! (I say a few...may be more like several...hehe)

Skyping with momma & daddy

Big boy, headed to pick some blueberries!  (Love the socks and shoes, by the way!!  ha!)

Let's just try these things out...

Yep!  I LOVE blueberries!!

Pretty sure his bucket didn't get very full.

It's like Pop & Emi know all the things he love and that's what they do all day!!  WEIRD!

Another thing I notice, our child doesn't wear pants at Pop & Emi's house :)

Long day, buddy?

They went to the zoo that I went to as a kid.  Rode the train that I rode many, many years ago :)  I guess you really start to appreciate those things once you have your own baby!  Thank you for taking me to the zoo when I was little, M&D!  And thank you for taking Dex!

Love their fingers in this picture!

Had to throw this in, because if you've been to this zoo, you'll recognize these water fountains!

Baby giraffe!  Apparently he was 5'10" when he was born :)

This little girl gave him one of her bracelets.  Such a charmer!

Pretty sure he got a free sucker, too.  I need to start capitalizing on his cuteness, I guess!  If he can get me free stuff, let's do this!  :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Favorite :)

I love this picture.

Dex & Camping

My parents set up their camper at a lake about 100 miles outside of Dallas, so Sean and I decided to take the opportunity to get out of the city and "rough it" for a couple days!  (By roughing it, I mean air conditioning, running water, and electricity.) 

We brought Dex down the first night, and my parents took him back home with them the next morning, but not before I got a few pictures :)

There was definitely lots to see...


"Dex!  Sit on that log and let mama get a picture!"   (yeah, right)

Just hanging out before they left.  Thanks, Pop&Emi for taking the babe and letting us use your camper!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

For Blake (& Tia!)

For the man who could spend just as much time inside of Buc-ee's as he spends out on the road!  We bought this shirt in your honor!!  Dex wears it proudly.

This pose is just funny  :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Favorite Spot

If I ever lose sight of Dex, 95% of the time he's sitting right here. 

We put a gate on the stairs to keep him from climbing up them constantly, but the way the stairs are configured we had to put the gate on the second step.  So, he climbs up to that step and sits down.  And waits for someone to come find him!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ice Cream Social

Since we live in Grapevine, and need to get out of the house every so often, we decided to hit up the Ice Cream Social at Nash Farm today.  They made homemade ice cream, and... well... we got to get out of the house... and they had ice cream...

It was so hot, but we had a fun little time :)  Here are some pics.  (In my defense, I didn't think Dex would keep the hat on, so I didn't try to match it to his outfit.  Oops.)

Sometimes he just seems so little!!

Making friends :)

They had stilts for the kids... Dex didn't quite get it, but it's still a cute picture!

I call this "walking like Pop."  (My family knows what I mean!)

Watching them make the ice cream...

While Sean waited in line, Dex and I went to check out the chickens.  I enjoyed this part because we were actually in the shade...

Finally, after all that, some ice cream!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Shoes and Hats

His new thing, for whatever reason, is wearing shoes always... and he's started wanting to wear his hats, too!  It's funny because they never really match, and as you'll see in the first picture, they're not always put on with the greatest of care (notice the right ear). 

This was in the morning, and I had just changed his diaper, hence the onesie being unbuttoned.  Good stuff  :)