Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Summer Fun

We all went out to celebrate a 70th birthday party, and it was such fun to be out playing on their land for an afternoon!  The kids (and adults!) had a blast.

This was a couple of days before Dex became a bonafide swimmer and didn't need his life jacket :)  He swims around and goes under water so well now!  Anyone else think that was NEVER going to happen??!  Ha!

Daddy and Anna taking a little golf cart ride!  That fake smile of hers...  ha!

And I have to admit, I kinda fell in love with donkeys while we were out there... ;)

Donkey in the back - 'Do you like me over her left shoulder or would you prefer the right?'

Three of the five kiddos.  Just missing the two littlest ones! 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Happy Birthday Annabel!!

Dearest Anna –  
Happy birthday Sunshine!!  I was wondering what to write about you on your third birthday and I wasn’t sure where to begin,  so I just started writing.  You are at such an extraordinary (Dex’s word that he described as being better than GREAT or AWESOME) age.   

When I peek in on you sleeping in your bed, I’m struck with how much you look like a real little PERSON laying there with your neck back (snoring) and your legs all over the place.  You’re not a ball of baby anymore, you’re long and spread out.  Limbs everywhere.   So often somebody says “She looks taller.  Look at how big she is.  I can’t believe she’s saying/doing that!” 
When you woke up this morning, I could hear you in your bed and so I peeked my head in and said “Do I hear Anna?  Is Anna awake?!” and you promptly covered your head with your blanket and giggled and we played our game of ‘Is-She-Or-Isn’t-She-Awake’ after which you gave me the biggest hug and blew your morning breath in my face.  It is one of my favorite things to do with you.  Your hugs are exquisite, and I’m not exaggerating.  I love them more than anything in the world.  Your little arms wrap perfectly around my neck and you pull me in as close as you can get me and sqeeeeeeeeze.  I hope I don’t ever forget those. 

NOW – this is in stark contrast to those mornings when you don’t want to wake up, and I come in and you promptly say – “I’m just going to sleep a little longer.  Get out of my room!...  GET OUT OF MY ROOOOOOOOM!!!”   

These two scenarios may best describe you and your little (BIG) personality right now.  You are the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen and not five seconds later, you can transform into this little monster of a person with at-ti-tude!   

Since I don’t blog on a regular basis, here are some things I’d like to remember: 
  • You hate flies.  They send you into hysterics if they are in the house and ESPECIALLY if they land on your food. 
  • You love the park and playing chase with Dex and me.   You’re not quite as fast as we are, but you hold your own.   
  • You drink more milk than anybody I have ever known.  In my entire life.  Ever.   
  • Your favorite number is 8.  (???) 
  • You may or may not be a hoarder.  It might be a little early to tell for sure, but you sure do carry a lot of things with you when you go places or when you go to bed.    
  • You have worn through at least 5 pairs of Minnie Shoes (black mary janes) in about a year.  They are pretty much all you wear, unless somebody actually makes you wear something else (Daddy ;) ).   
  • Nobody can make you eat.  Reasoning doesn’t work, pleading doesn’t work, sending you to your room doesn’t work, and bribery only works about 15% of the time.   
  • You love Taylor Swift songs.  You think you know the words to several of them.  It is HILARIOUS.  You like to watch the music videos on YouTube (I’m not quite sure if this appropriate or not for a 3 year old, but oh well).  I asked you one time if you liked Taylor Swift, and you said no.  I told you she was the girl that sang all of the songs you liked and you said “no, she’s not.” And I said yes, and you said no, and I said yes, and you said NO, and then I just quit talking because that was heading into territory that I did not want to be.     
  • You don’t do bedtime.  It doesn’t matter when we put you to bed or how tired you may be, it takes at least an hour and a half for you to go to sleep.  Daddy and I can hear your little feet running around upstairs.  Who knows what you’re doing up there… ?? 
  • You like to play like you’re a kitty and you say “Meow!” a LOT.  How are you doing today kitty?  “Meow!” Are you having a good day? “Meow meow!”  Do you want some milk?  “Me-owww!”  Fun game for everyone, ESPECIALLY DADDY. 
  • You like legos and cars.  And pretty much anything else Dex likes.  Just like Dex, you can tell the difference between the 12 Lightening McQueen cars we have, and you can’t leave the house until you have the exact right one you’re looking for.   
  • You other favorite animals are Minnie Mouse, Ellie (stuffed elephant) and Skye (Paw Patrol).  Along with Lightening McQueen, we take these almost everywhere (see hoarding tendencies above).  
  • You sing.  A lot.  You sing real songs, kid show jingles, or you just make the songs up as you go along.  It’s really funny when you’re playing and I just happen to listen in and you’re in the middle of Blank Space by TS. 
  • You’ve learned to say “PLEASE” in a sugary sweet voice, and you say it while looking like a sad little beautiful big-eyed puppy dog.  This is not a good thing.   
  • You like to be carried.  And of course, I do it, because I secretly love it too.   

These are just some things that I wrote down in seriously less than 30 minutes.  There is SO much more!! You are precious, awesome, lovely, sweet, strong, and a tad crazy.  You are our baby, but also our big girl.  We love you so, so, so, so much!!!  Happy birthday Annabel!! 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

In The Pool

I got an underwater casing (of sorts) for my camera, so I thought I'd try it out in the pool!  Kinda neat, and worth the $50, I think!

ps - This little doggie is Rosie.  Apparently she smiles for the camera, as you'll see in all of her pictures :)

I think it's funny how big her body/hand looks underwater :)

The full-on smile!!