Thursday, November 4, 2010

Just Playing Around

I guess I've finally decided that I've got to bust out the video for my posts (at least for the foreseeable future).  Dex just won't sit still for pictures, and what he does every day is so funny, it's probably best portrayed through video.  So... my goal is to move to more video going forward.

Tonight, after playing outside, eating in a "big person" chair (I use the word 'eating' lightly), playing outside again, talking to Emi & Pop on the phone, running countless circles around the island, etc, etc, Dex finally decided on playing on top of the ottoman.  Oh, and with a nose-sucker.  I pick my battles... (ps. the nose-sucker was clean)

"What's with the one shoe?" you might ask...  Neither I nor Dex could find the other one after he insisted on wearing this one.  Plus, he likes sliding around on the hardwood in his socks.  Risky Business?  Ummm, I hope not! 

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