Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I took Dex to the pumpkin patch one day after work last week.  We pass it on the way home every single day, and I've been wanting to stop for so long!!  As it's gotten closer to Halloween, there are more and more cars there.  So I figured a Saturday was o.u.t.  And even on a random Wednesday, it was so packed!  Oh well, no pictures without other kids in the background :)  Which is fine, because he wasn't in a picture-taking mode anyway (as you'll see).  He was anywhere but facing my camera.  But he's still pretty cute!

'Really, mom?  Geezzz.'

'Not gonna look at you!  Not gonna look at you!!'

I totally want to get him one of these for Christmas or Birthday!!

Over it.

They have this amazing cornfield maze that I am totally going to try one of these years coming up.  I think with it just being me and Dex, and having my camera, and being in my work clothes, it didn't sound like a very good idea this time.

And probably his favorite thing, a really cool slide!  Although all he wanted to do was run up and down the ramp to get to the top.  The other kids didn't really appreciate it, and he got shoved a couple of times.  It was really his own fault though...

...because he walked up and down it like this:

This was right before he threw that poor pumpkin on the ground.  Maybe he doesn't quite understand the purpose of the pumpkins just yet.

So happy it's FALL!!!!!!

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