Friday, August 3, 2012

Annabel Quinn O'Neal

In case you couldn't imagine, things have been kinda crazy around here the last week :)  It seems like such a long time ago and yet I can't believe it's been a whole week already since this little girl came into our world! 

Making her debut!

Born at 12:25 pm... 7 lb 4 oz and a healthy set of lungs :)

Dex is IN LOVE.  He is so protective over his baby sister, it blows my mind and makes my heart hurt in such a good way.  He makes sure nobody hurts her and that she is always happy.

Emi & Anna

With Poppy

And Mimi

And Aunt Shannon

Tia and her favorite niece :)


Declan and Annabel (Dex & Anna)

Uncle Levi & Annabel

How cute is this?

My silly boy!

I finally got to hold her sometime around day 3  :)  haha!  She's had lots of family to love on her in the first week of her life!

Going home! 

Poppy made her this little cradle to sleep in.  It is 24 inches long... she is TINY!

I hope to take some good pictures of her this weekend.  She's changed so much just from the time she was born!  She is such a beautiful, sweet and happy little girl!  We all love her so much!  We are truly blessed!


  1. She's so perfect! Just like her big brother. Perfect perfect perfect :)

  2. Awwweeeee ... my heart is melting!!!!

  3. I love looking at these pictures. The picture of the 4 of y'all is great! I have a little something for her that I need to get to you. I'll text you later this week.
    -Stephanie (Rogers) Andreatta