Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas 2012

This year, I did the video camera most of the time... when Santa came on Christmas Eve and getting presents Christmas morning... so, I didn't get many actual pictures, but I'll love to have the video when the kids are older, I know.  Here are a few random photos from the weekend at my parents and a few more of Dex getting his Train Table from Mimi & Daddy Doug.

Opening his Christmas Eve Eve Eve present :)

Tia giving Dex kisses!

Making the gingerbread house:

Turned out soooo beautiful!  haha!

Sean "lovingly" putting together Dex's train table... that thing was surprisingly complex!

Coming out to see his present:

Showing Gentry...

So... like I said,  not many pictures this year, but I'm sure we got a bunch on our iPhone's, and the videos will more than make up for it later.  We had a wonderful Christmas month!  

I'll post some family photos we took on a post tomorrow!  

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