Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Weekend with Pop & Emi

Poppy & Emi came to Grapevine this weekend.  We had such fun :)  We took Anna and Dex out to the lake to take some "official" 9 month photos of the little girl.  (Funny - if anyone asks what her name is, Dex pipes up really loudly "PICKLE ANNIE"!  We get some strange looks... The other day he just said "PICKLE!" and that look was even more strange (stranger??)).

Emi helped me with Anna...

While Poppy taught Dex how to skip rocks.

Both Saturday and Sunday we hung out in the yard on a blanket in the sunshine.  It was sooooo nice.  I can't begin to explain how happy I am that we are having Spring weather!

The littlest Ranger fan of the family.  The story behind the hat is that she was fascinated with Poppy's ball cap.  Every time he'd put it on, she would want him to hold her and she would just pull on the rim until he took it off and put it on her.  Then she'd just leave it on like it belonged there and smile and smile!  So Sean finally went and got one of Dex's hats that was a little smaller for her, and she wore it most of the afternoon.  So silly!

Look!  She can stand up all by herself  :) 


Poppy & his little buddy.

And finally the whole crew!

Such a great weekend! 

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