Monday, August 12, 2013

Anna's Birthday Party

**Wooowwww, Kerri... this post has been a long while coming.  Man, get it together!** (what I hear everyone telling me in my head)  I promise to pick up some slack to all of those checking the blog and finding nothing new! 

So!  I realize that our little girl turned one a while ago, but here are some of her birthday pictures, finally!  We just hung out in the backyard and swam, grilled burgers, and ate cupcakes.  But still, it was great fun and she got to wear her cute little outfit :)

Outfit change!!  She's at the stage where she won't keep anything on her head or in her hair.  You'll see her hair flower comes off and on throughout the day.

Dex convinced them he needed pushed from both sides.

Grillmaster with Poppy making sure it's done right  ;)

I wanted some pictures with my kids.  I hardly ever get to do that!

How Anna kisses... eww... I mean, how sweet.

And she gives lots of hugs.  Just random and whenever she feels like it!

On to the cupcakes!  

Dex just had to help her blow out the candle.  She doesn't seem to care. 

And right afterward, she put the wick in her mouth.  Ouch and eww!

Fiiiiiinally, Dex could get one.

No idea what's happening here, but it kinda makes me laugh  :)


Dex so generously helped out with these as well.

I'd say the cell phone was a hit  :)

And a picture I took of my new baby nephew making his debut in September!  Cannot wait!!  I figured he'd want to know about the first birthday party he went to  ;)

Happiest birthday to my little girl!!  I love you so much!

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