Sunday, March 2, 2014

Outside Pictures and Some Exploring!

 Saying the weather lately has been annoying is an understatement.  I guess I should be happy that we've been having really nice, warm days, but MAN, it makes the cold days that much worse because I know what it could be like.

To look at the positives, the warm weather has been here on the weekends, which is nice.  We spend a lot of time outside.  SPRING, HURRY UP AND STICK AROUND.

We went exploring at the Lake yesterday.  Anna had a nap and everything before we went, and she still acted like this a lot of the time:

Her face gets sooooo rosy when she's hot.  I always get concerned that she's overheated, but it always goes away pretty quickly.  It was really hot yesterday, though, and we were out mid-day, so I slathered on some sunscreen.  That may be partly why they're so shine-y :)  Anna held on to that water jug like she does bottles.  Kind of like security blanket, couldn't let it go. 

Slidin' down the hill... Anna VERY impressed.

 It was pretty muddy...

Mud slinger.

I can NOT get a picture of them together.  Anna is so uncooperative.  Here she's like 'DON'T TOUCH ME!'

The water's still pretty low.  I'm hoping it gets better this spring.  We shouldn't be able to walk down here like this.  Lots of clam shells though!

Time to re-hydrate!

Back home and popsicles!

I must say, although we don't live as far out in "the country" as I would like, having the lake within walking distance with so many trails and woods to explore helps A LOT.  I love it, and it's nice getting to go more now that they're older!  We are in a good spot  :)  


  1. Kerri, these pictures are great! Poor little crying Anna reminded me of the picture of Brady crying when he was hungry! :-) Dex looks like he is real good with Anna when she will let him! :)

  2. Haha, I love these pictures!! Pickle is so cute. The 'clam shells' comment reminded me of what Dex wanted to name his baby sister before she was born!

  3. Dex, I hope you and Anna have a wonderful Easter and find lots and lots of colored eggs! I love you two!