Saturday, October 11, 2014

Painting Pumpkins

We painted our pumpkins!!

Look at Lighting and Mater watching intently.

Anna's painted pumpkin.  She *might* have lost interest after 5 minutes and started playing in the water we were using to clean our brushes.

Dex had quite the biking accident last weekend.  Poor kid.  It wasn't pretty, I'll just say that!  That forehead bump swelled up to the size of a tennis ball, it seemed like!

Mater got a new coat of glitter.  Dex wanted me to take pictures of it, so of course I had to :)

She was looking at Dex off to the side trying to make her laugh.  I think she was waving at him here.

Along with dumping out all of our water, she collected all of our paint brushes.  It didn't matter if we were still using them or not, she NEEDED them!


  1. Wow�� poor sweet little Dex! I'm so sorry about his bike wreck! I love how you encourage your children's creativity! Great pictures!

  2. A girl needs her brushes!!!! An artist in the making :)