Monday, February 16, 2015

Angel Fire, NM 2015 - Back For Round TWO

We went to Angel Fire, NM for the long President's Day Weekend again this year.   So much fun.  I don't think we'd ever have known to go here except that our neighbors have a cabin.  I'm so glad that they do, because it's such a great young family ski town :)

Here are some pics of the kids playing in the snow when we first got there on Friday afternoon.  The weather was so great!  It was about 50 degrees during the day on Friday/Saturday, but with snow on the ground, so we could still play and not freeze to death!  

The first thing he wanted to do was make a snow angel:
The first thing Anna wanted to do was build a SNOWMAN!  These things are SO hard to build!  I don't think I'm doing it right... I need to google it or someone give me some pointers or something.  How do you make the three round balls???!
We made sure to bring some carrots :)
Sad little snow man, if you ask me, but they loved it :)
My boy is growing up!  Look at that sweet face...
Anna really enjoyed eating the ice.   It's the little things.
I love this picture of Dex :)  Such happiness!
Trying to get a picture of all the ice crystals in his hair...
On to the skiing part of our trip!!  Dex did an amazing job this year in Ski School.  He rode down some greens and I think next year he will be ready to do some skiing with me and Sean!  Crazy!  I see those little kids skiing the whole time we're there and it's still just shocking that they're so good so young.  Those kids are fearless, I tell ya.
His ski coach said he wasn't too happy about this lift ride because he wanted to sit with "the nicest girl in all the world" (classmate Charlie) and he had to sit with someone else.   I thought that was funny because he called her that a couple of times after she told me that, and said she was so nice because any time anybody in the group fell down, she was the first one there to help them back up.
Anna was in Daycare again this year, but they still get to go outside and play in the snow and stuff.  The teachers said she really enjoyed herself outside, as evidenced by what she looked like when I picked her up both days...
I took a couple pictures of the mountain range in the distance on our drive home.  Until next year, Angel Fire (hopefully!!)!!


  1. Looks like so much fun! The kids sure seem excited about the snow and skiing experiences! I'm so glad you got to go! Love the pictures and LOVE y'all!!!

  2. Loved the snowmen and the kids who made them! Great pictures of a fun weekend!!!

  3. So pretty! Looks like it was an awesome trip!