Friday, May 15, 2015

Field Day

Dex had his Field Day at school today.  I must say, it was not quite the Field Day that I remember 20-some years ago (ahem).  

This is Dex and his partner with their 4th grade "chaperone."  He led them around to all of their stations and kept them in line.  He was soooo good with them.  Such a cutie :)

(Dex busted his lip two days ago... you can see it's kind of swollen and very bruised.  Poor guy.)

Did we have bounce houses at our Field Days???  Noooo.....

Is this a sport??!  Ha!

At least I know what basketball is :) 

And rope jumping.  Although they were just jumping rope... No competition of any kind.  Everyone's a winner, right Sean?  ;)

The boys taking on their chaperone.

It was so much fun to watch some of this this morning!  Made my day, for sure :)


  1. That is awesome. Makes me so happy to see that 4th grader so good with the younger kids! I love it when older kids are like that with Brady! And oh my goodness, Dex's lip :((

  2. Dex was grinning in every picture! He must have been having a blast! So cute!!!