Sunday, March 28, 2010

Let's Take This Party Outside

Just gonna come right out and apologize to my family who check this blog 5, 6, 7, (20, 21,22...) times a day, for no updates the last few days!  I've been working on another picture project, and let me tell you, it's eating up almost ALL of my free time...

On Friday after work, it was so gorgeous outside, I took Dex out back to soak up the sunshine.  He stayed on the blanket for a while, but soon ventured off to check out all the little pieces of stuff on the ground that he could easily fit in his mouth.

I like to call this one "curiosity" :)


  1. THat last pic is awesome! What kind of camera fo you have?

  2. Hey, Katie! I used a Canon Rebel XT, with a 24-70 mm lens. But I also brightened and sharpened with photoshop :)