Sunday, March 21, 2010

Where We've Been...

I love getting away for a few days... It's so good to spend some time when work is not on the agenda.  It can get you bogged down and stressed beyond words (maybe that's just me).  Anyway, I am so grateful to Sean for planning and booking our trip to Gruene, Texas.  We stayed at this awesome little B&B and just relaxed.  Browsed main street with the retirees (hehe), saw Roger Creager at Gruene Hall, took a hike around the lake, and ate at some really delicious restaurants! 

Dex didn't go, but he got this sweet t-shirt from his mom & dad :)

As nice as it is to be on vacation, it's also great to pick up the baby and be back home...  missed him sooo much!  Thanks Emi & Pop, for keeping the little monster.  I'm sure it was a real drag for you!  hahahahahahaha!!  yeah, right...

I'll hopefully have more pictures to post soon.  Dex is doing something new every single day (no lie), so I'm just trying to keep up with him and have time to do anything else!  Ahhh, the good life :) 

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  1. So glad you and your hubby had a little getaway! Those are necessities!!