Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dex + Lilly = BFF (at least HE thinks so!)

Dex loves Lilly.  Lilly sometimes tolerates loves Dex. 

They're so funny to watch, because Dex will crawl after her, he'll "catch" her, she'll let him rub/pet on her for a minute, then she'll scamper about 10 feet away, and it starts all over.  I think she's being nice and playing :)  She must know that he's a baby and doesn't know any better, because if I played with her the way Dex "plays" with her, I think she would probably claw my eyes out  :)  I always watch them when he gets close to her to make sure she doesn't hurt him if he pulls her tail, and she's never once snapped at or scratched him.  If she gets too much, she just runs away!  Smart kitty. 

Nuzzling his head on her soft fur.  He does this with anything soft, so why should a cat be any different?

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