Thursday, October 21, 2010

Playing with Sticks

As you will see below, Dex does everything in his power to not look at my camera (which is partly why I hardly post anymore).  I am not even joking.  He'd be walking one direction with the stick (away from me), and so I'd run to the other side of him, so that he'd be walking toward me, and he'd immediately turn around and go the other direction.  This would only happen if I had my camera pointed at him!!  What is his problem??!  haha!

He still plays outside every minute he can when we get home in the afternoons.  Yesterday was special, he found a really big stick that a bigger neighbor kid must have left behind.  He wanted to take it inside, but mean mommy said no.  :(

I have no idea how this happened.  I think I told him to come put the cap on my lens, and he turned around for a split second and I snapped.  His mouth is kind of funny and he's a tad blurry, but I don't care, you can see his eyes!!!

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