Saturday, January 29, 2011

Beautiful Park Day

Today was GORGEOUS outside.  This morning, we headed to the park near our house.  I would do this every day if I could!  Dex ran around all crazy and I just made sure he didn't fall off anything tall :)  Easy peasy!!  Especially since he's not exactly a daredevil child. 

He drove this steering wheel for a looooong time.  He knows he's not going anywhere, right?  

And it was just as much fun going UP the slide as it was coming down.  Maybe more.  I was actually impressed with his climbing skills.  Future rock climber?  Maybe? 

Haha!  I'm laughing remembering him fits of laughter in this tube slide!  It was the best. thing. ever. 

Mom?  Are you still up there??  (at this point I'd come down head-first and he'd run screaming and laughing across the playground.  So FUNNY!)

Climbing up yet another slide...

What a fun way to run out some energy!  I LOVE this weather!!!  Hurry up Spring!!

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