Sunday, January 2, 2011

Birthday Pictures

Finally getting up some of Dex's birthday pictures!  I mean, my gosh, it happened LAST YEAR!

He is a total bubble boy.  Loves them.  I am seriously considering getting a bubble machine just to help the adults out!

Emi made his cake.  It was perfect :)

I still can't believe he's two years old!

He had stickers that he put on everyone there.

Our little family shot.  Dex looks like he's over it :)

When you ask Dex "How old are you?"  He says 'two' and puts up his two pointer fingers.  So cute :)

Daddy and Dex playing on the old rocking horse that Pop made years ago...

Tasting the icing...mmmm... (notice the basketball sticker on tia's chest.  ha!)

The first thing he did when he opened his tee-ball set was say 'ball' and go straight for the baseball!

Dex's NEW rocking horse!  It even neighs and flips his tail and turns his head!  So cool :) 

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