Friday, February 18, 2011

Few Pictures & Update

On Wednesday, Dex starting showing some signs of congestion and cough, and by Thursday it had only gotten worse.  Around 4 on Thursday afternoon, Dex ran a near 105 degree fever while at the nanny's, which prompted a trip to Cooks Children Urgent Care.  The idiots there (I still have a little pent up anger from the last two days) ended up putting a line in his arm and took blood samples, then deciding he *might* have a blood disease (oh, please) and proceeded to pump him full of antibiotics.  I was at my wits end by the time we left, which was over 5 hours from when we got there.  We took our poor baby home, having been traumatized more than even I could handle, and stayed up with him most of the night.  He continued his coughing and running a slight fever.  So... we got him an appointment today with his real pediatrician, and it was concluded that he has RSV.  I will not go into all of the details about how those that treated him at Cooks Children Urgent Care in Colleyville, Texas never even gave him a flu or RSV test.  Which is a little surprising since he showed every symptom for flu or RSV.  And instead, they did blood tests on a two year old.  Arrrggg... But I will also say that I am mostly angry with myself for not stepping and saying "enough" yesterday, but when a doctor gives you medical advice, don't you usually think that they know what they are talking about??!!  Well, not anymore.  Not for this momma. 

And after that nice little rant...

Dex and I went outside this afternoon for some fresh air.  I got a few pictures of him, so here you go :) 

This is what you get when you say "Dex, show me what's in your mouth!!"

Not sure what this is... ha!  I think he's just relaxing... with his tongue out :)

If this doesn't break your heart, I don't know what will!  Poor, sick baby. 


  1. Oh, Kerri! I hate that for both you and Dex! We had the same situation at a local urgent care here when BGB had a 104 degree fever on a Sunday. Long story short, wrong diagnosis by them, took her to her real pedi on Monday, and got the real diagnosis. Soooooo frustrating!!! Hope he continues to feel better!

  2. I am sorry too! I hope he gets better soon!!