Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a very happy Easter!  We had a good day, church and enjoying family time.  Here are some pics of Dex for your viewing pleasure... 

He wasn't overly thrilled for picture time this morning.

I wasn't sure how he'd do Easter egg hunting, but he picked it right up (literally).  It was very cute :)

This is how he smiles for the camera now...  He's saying cheeeeese, but for some reason he sticks his bottom teeth out!

Daddy Doug was right on hand with some ice cream if Dex ever needed a "break" from egg hunting.  Lucky kid... :)

Daddy & Son!  (note to self... hand the camera off sometimes so you'll have pictures of you WITH your family!)

Happy Easter Everyone!!

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  1. love his Easter outfit. And having someone feed you ice cream all day is awesome!!!