Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Western Day Parade

Dex and I went to the country this weekend for a little bit of this:

While down there, we went to the Western Day Parade...

Watching them reminded me of a tennis match.  Heads left... heads right... heads left... heads right... 

Overprotected from the sun?  Never!!!

Of course we all had snowcones from The Shack.  Dex being the little prince he is, had to have his fed to him while he relaxed.

My crazy future BIL.  Lord help us all :)  J/K BLAKE!!

So much fun.  Oh, the things you miss from ye ol' country living :)


  1. looks like an awesome parade!!! i saw 2 horses!! ;)

    ~Aunt Shannon

  2. That was pretty much it! haha! It lasted...oohhh... about 30 seconds!

  3. What is in the pot?? I am not going to doesn't look good! :)

  4. Charlee!!! You've never had crawfish??!