Monday, May 23, 2011

Dex in the Bubble Bath

Dex used to hate bubble baths.  He would literally cry and cling to you if you tried to sit him in bubbles.  And THEN, he was introduced to Caillou and his favorite one is Caillou in the bubble bath.   (for those of you who don't know Caillou, have a kid... you will!  Or you could just check him out on YouTube.)

I don't really know why that one became his favorite, but I promise you, Dex does not go 10 minutes without asking for 'Caillou bubble bath?'  We watch it about 20 times a day.  Triple that for the weekend. 

ANYwho - this is Dex's new bath.  FULL of bubbles!  Maybe we need to watch Caillou going to a new school and loving it.  Or not throwing his toys.  Or simply eating his food and not playing with it.  Hmmm.... 

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