Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 12 (It's Getting HOT In Here!)

Since our upstairs a/c decided to crap out on us (again)...

(yes, that's 92 degrees)

...and all bedrooms are on the second floor, we get to sleep downstairs!  On a mattress!  On the living room floor!  Slumber party!

Dex gets a pack-n-play... I don't think I could fight that battle of him not having a confined space. 

I am very thankful however, that our upstairs and downstairs are two separate units, so that we can still stay in our house.   Since this happened yesterday and the a/c folks can't make it out here until Friday, ask me then how thankful I am.  And also how bad the crick in my neck is.  Because it's pretty terrible right now, and it's been one night.  

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