Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 13 (Helping & "No he just DIDN'T")

First off... here is Dex being sweet and helping me with dinner:

Secondly, tonight we were playing the forever fun game called ~Dex tries to open the freezer and get a popsicle, all the while saying 'POP-SICLE!  POP-SICLE', even though he's already had one, and we keep telling him NO~.  Well after a minute, Dex turns to Sean and I where we are standing and talking and says "Shut up, Daddy. *blink, blink* Shut up, Daddy."  And then just stares at us.  And because first off he's saying something more like "Suttup" and second of all how does he know that phrase, we say "What did you SAY?" all flabbergast-like.  Because SURELY he didn't just say what we think he said.  So he proceeds to repeat "Suttup Daddy...  And momma suttup too."  And OH let me tell you, my jaw is on the floor!  My sweet innocent baby is talking trash!!  I finally understand that while every fiber in your body wants to burst out laughing, you absolutely cannot, and what makes it worse is you have to be very stern instead!!  So after a second of silently collecting ourselves (hopefully), we made very sure that he knew those were BAD words and we do NOT say that in our house!  And so far, so good...

So now the question is, where did he hear that?  And my only guess is at 'school', because I know neither Sean nor I have ever uttered that phrase, and I know my parents didn't teach it to him last week!!  I always knew he'd grow up and he would learn bad things and we'd have to deal with it, but guys... he's 2 1/2!!!  REALLY??!  Oh. My. GOOOOOSSSSSHHHH!

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