Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Pictures

Here are some pictures from our Halloween!

These were taken while at our church's Trunk or Treat on Sunday.  He apparently LOVED the big bunny!  Who wouldn't??!  Sooo soft.....

These were taken by Mimi's friend... and I would really like to know how she got Dex to look at the camera for this shot:

And these are from Halloween night in our neighborhood.  We were able to go trick'or'treating with some of our neighbors, and I think it made it 10x more fun :)  Seeing all the excited little kids was so cool!!

About to knock on the first door... He couldn't really decide if he wanted to knock or not, and kept saying 'Come on Momma!  Come on!'

His favorite candy of the night... suckers!!

Dex and his friend Cooper!  (both with suckers)

He started getting braver as the night wore on and just took off with the other kids.

Drunk on sugar, apparently...

We had so much fun!!  Hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween!!

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