Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas with the Mills's

Dex stayed at Emi & Pop's house for a few days before Sean and I got there the Friday before Christmas.  Every time I talked to my mom on the phone, Dex had "convinced" her to let him open another present.  I'm surprised he had any left when we got there!!  I suppose that's the joy of having a grandchild :)  

I'm pretty sure this barn set was an early one.  And it's not even a little gift!  They must have ran out of those earlier in the week.

Uncle Blake's contribution:

I'm not sure what this face was... but he wanted to wear the shirt to my Christmas Eve Gift...

Me with the bottoms on and him with the top:

Dex's new harmonica.  He was surprisingly not terrible!  (I'm not sure if anyone is really terrible at the harmonica, though)

One of his favorite toys... A bulldozer from Uncle Levi.

Santa made his appearance before we left on Saturday.  You can see through the pictures that we kept getting Dex closer and closer to him... he wasn't all that excited about it, but with a little "gentle coaxing" he got fairly close.  Maybe next year.

At least Emi likes Santa :)

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