Thursday, February 9, 2012

14 Week Ultrasound

Well, I had my ultrasound today!  They were supposed to do the NT scan, but apparently they are only able to run the scan if the baby measures between 11 and 13 weeks, 6 days.  I'm 13 weeks 5 days, but baby measures 14 weeks 4 days.  So... no scan.   Bummer, but we can do another test somewhere between 15-18 weeks.  However, the ultrasound looked great!  The heartbeat was 155 beats per minute.  The tech said that sometimes, if the baby is positioned just right, they can tell the sex.  But ours had his/her legs bent and his/her feet underneath his/her bottom.  So, no gender reveal just yet :)  

Thanks so much for the prayers so far, everyone!  We really appreciate it!  I am looking forward (60% calmly and 40% anxiously) to the surgery on Tuesday.

I thought the last ultrasound "looked" very girl-ish, but to me, this one looks kinda boy-ish.  These are all based on technical readings of the ultrasound, OBVIOUSLY.  It does look like he/she has a torso that goes on forever, and you can kinda see their knees bent with their feet under their bottom in this pic...


  1. The baby is so cute already! And Dex looks like a sweet older brother :)

  2. Congratulations Kerri!! I am so excited for you! I will be praying for you guys! Dex will be a great older brother I'm sure! :)