Friday, February 17, 2012

Big Boy Bed and Crazy Hair

Since we've got a new baby coming, we decided to leave the nursery where it is and just turn the guest room into Dex's new Big Boy Room!  My mom and dad came a couple of weekends ago and helped out with some big house projects... painting Dex's walls and tiling the bathroom upstairs.  We'd still be working on everything if it wasn't for their help!  So grateful :)

Dex has been sleeping in his crib until now (yes, I know he's THREE... but he just loved it and has never crawled out or even wanted out).  We painted two of his walls blue and two of them an off-white, and I bought him some train sheets for his big boy bed.  I LOVE the way the room turned out!  These are a few pictures of him in his bed, but I haven't taken a picture of the whole room since we've finished it and hung everything on the walls.  I'll have to do that.

Doesn't he just look so tiny in that big ol' bed??!  So sweet.

He's done so great in his big bed so far!  He fell out of the bed once, but that's it!  I'm shocked, actually, as much as he moves around at night.  I came in this morning, and he was laying crossways on top of his pillows, with his leg hanging behind the headboard, and his head almost completely off the bed.  You just never know what you're going to walk in and see :)

We bathe Dex at night, and typically the next day his hair is a disaster.  If he didn't wrestle lions and tigers in his sleep, it might not be so bad!!  Oh and well, if we'd just cut it, that might help too :)

This is even after Daddy put some gel in it and tried to lay it flat.

On a side note - I had my surgery on Tuesday, stayed home and rested on Wednesday and have been back at work since yesterday.  Everything went well, and I go back in next Thursday to do another ultrasound.  The only problem is sitting in my chair at work all day is causing really bad back pain.  Hopefully that will subside going forward!  Thanks for the prayers!

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