Friday, May 11, 2012

Update - 27 Weeks

Just a quick update... went to see the perinatologist today for an ultrasound.  Cervix is still shortening, was about 1.9 cm, but they're not changing anything as far as my medication and treatment at this time.  He echoed what the doctor said about me having a few more weeks left before I run a high risk of delivering if things progress as he anticipates.

Baby girl is up to 2 lb 4 oz and looks great!  She's a wiggle worm, for sure, but I guess being so small still she's got plenty of room to roll around.  She was literally head down yesterday and breech this morning. 

Dex came to see my hospital room last night.  He liked it because Thomas was playing on the TV (good call on that one Daddy!).  We played trains for a while, he ate my dessert from my dinner tray, and watched some TV.  He likes my bed, I think.  He did want me to come home with him and Daddy, which just breaks my heart, but he was fine and last night went really well from what I hear.  Thankfully, I can do FaceTime in my room, although it gets sketchy sometimes, so I got to talk to and see him before he went to bed. 


  1. oh my, I am just checking the blog for the week and just realizing what is going on . yikes! I am so, so sorry that you guys are going through this tough situation already. we will be praying for you guys!!

  2. Cute picture!!! Love and prayers for all of you.

  3. Kerri, we have you and baby girl covered in prayers! Happy Mother's Day! I Love you all!