Sunday, December 9, 2012

Neighborhood Christmas Breakfast

We had our annual neighborhood "Breakfast with Santa" this past weekend.  One of our neighbors is a firefighter so we get to use the old fire engine and take rides around the neighborhood.  We eat donuts and see Santa and just socialize.  Pretty fun!  

Dex in front of the fire truck (with his goofy fake smile) :

Mimi got to come with us.  Anna was pretty happy about that :) 

Anna went right to Santa and probably would have stayed in his soft squishy lap all morning if we'd have let her!  Does she look like Whoville Who with that hat and polka dot outfit??

Dex and his neighborhood BFF.  Contemplating if he should go sit with Santa also...

This is the 3rd occasion we've seen Santa, and Dex FINALLY went in his lap this time.  And even that took some persuading.  But we did it!!

Telling Santa everything he wants for Christmas!

All of our neighborhood friends about to go for a fire truck ride:

These two... peas and carrots.  So glad they live so close!

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