Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bass Pro @ Christmas

Our family (plus Pop & Emi) went to Bass Pro to see all the Christmas festivities!  Dex focused in on the trains, if you can believe that.  This would have been the second time we'd seen Santa, and Dex still wasn't too keen on getting close, and he definitely wasn't going to sit on his lap.  But he stood by the barriers and waved!!  :)  

Picture of the girl...

Dex has to help with everything these days.  I don't know how many times I hear "I will do it!" in one day.  It's nice that he's growing up and becoming more independent, but boy does it ever slow down the process.


"I'm sick of the trains!!"

Haha  :)

We spent a lot of time in the tents, too.

Kinda blurry, but he kept sticking his hands up the buffalo's nose so I had to get a picture.

Racing cars...

And one of his favorite things to do, the carousel! 

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