Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Parent Vacation - Belize

**Warning:  Picture overload!**  

Sean and I took our first tropical vacation last week.  And my first time to ever use a passport!  It was WONDERFUL and so needed.  A big thank you to my parents for keeping the kids for us so we could enjoy a week away  :)

We stayed at the Matachica Resort & Spa.  It was individual little "huts" all along the beach.

This was the view from our hut/house. 

A few ocean pics.

Our house for the week!

We had to take a boat to get anywhere on the Island.  This is the town of San Pedro behind Sean.  This is the main town on the Island, about a 10 minute boat ride from where we stayed. 

A little crab friend.  Look, he's smiling at me!  :)

There is a large coral reef about a half mile from the beach.  These little pieces of coral washed up all along the shore.  I think this picture looks like a coral bone yard.

Teeny-tiny sea shells!

An iguana at breakfast.

It was overcast and rainy the first 2-3 days, so I walked around and took some pictures along the beach.

One of our rainy mornings... sitting and drinking coffee and listening to the rain.

One day we went to the mainland to go see Mayan ruins and do some cave tubing.  Just getting there was quite the adventure, and I'll just say that there are no pictures because I had my camera in the wet bag because we were all so soaked (and cold and miserable). 

The top of the tallest ruins were WAY up there.  I'm talking super scary to look down and there were no rails or guard or any kind... eek.

If you looked to the left you could see Belize... 

...and if you looked to the right you could see Guatemala.  

Us at the top.  I wish you could tell a little better where we actually were... oh well.  WE KNOW.

We were at the top of this thing!

Can you see those people at the very top on the picture below??

A little bit of the local cuisine we ate...

Sean did some fishing one day.  We delivered it to the kitchen where we were staying and they cooked it for us for two nights we were there.  You can see the iPhone pics below.  They're not great, but you get the idea.  It was a feast!

We devoured it :)

Second night of fish.

And finally, we got our resort certification and went scuba diving.  Our friends took some underwater pics which I'm excited to see.  I haven't gotten them yet, but hopefully you won't be able to see the sheer terror in my face  :)

These are some sharks off the side of the boat.  We actually went snorkeling with these guys and some stingrays in the shark-ray cove.  These are nurse sharks, which I guess means they won't eat you ???   

After scuba-ing.  My hair is ca-razy!

Oh yeah!  I dove Belize!!

Until next time, Belize!!  We will be back :)

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