Saturday, July 27, 2013

To Annabel

My sweetest little Pickle: 

Today you are one.  ONE.  Wow!

You are such a happy baby.  You’re so sweet!  You love to give hugs, you light up when someone you know walks into the room, and you don’t really like to be alone.  If someone leaves you, you will follow them wherever they’ve gone and stay close, typically raising your hands up at their feet to be picked up. 

Whenever we say “Hello!” you put your hand up to your ear like you’re talking on a phone.  I have to think it has more to do with us playing with your toy phone than you imitating what you see… we’re not on the phone that much!  And whenever we say “bye-bye” you used to wave, but now you’ve started blowing kisses.  Anytime you hear the garage door open or close… you start with the kisses. 
You also give real kisses freely.  Although I’m not sure a wide open mouth and tongue hanging out is exactly appropriate to be using on everyone, I still love it :)

You love balls, Dex’s toys, his cars… you like to copy how he plays with his cars.  He races around pushing them along the floor and so you will do the same thing. 
You love Lilly and you love pulling her tail.  I have to constantly remind you that we don’t pull her tail, then we’ll pet her for a little bit and then you’ll go after her tail again.  She’s a fairly good sport about it.  She just runs off if she’s had enough. 
You love the silky trim on your blankets, eating food by yourself, and being chased.  Oh my gosh, chasing you makes you laugh SO hard, it’s the cutest thing.  I want to remember that laugh forever! 
You also love the water!  You’re a champ in the pool.  You’ve already started putting your face in the water and you’re learning to blow bubbles.  You can imitate Dex and me pretty well.  You’re just so smart :)
Baby girl, you are both confident and willful.  You are not a cry-er and you are not afraid to try things.  You climb, you run, you fall and get right back up.  I can only remember one time that you’ve bonked yourself so hard that it made you cry.  And you’ve bonked yourself a lot!  You might just be a little bruiser, like Daddy says.  If I am in your way, you will grab my hand and move it so you can get where you want to go.  You’re moving up and down the stairs with ease.  Well, maybe you’re not so graceful going down, but you can still do it! 
You love your brother.  I would call you borderline obsessed with him.   I think he makes you laugh more than anyone else.  I love seeing that look in your eye when you’re watching him.  It’s just sheer adoration.  I hope you two are great friends forever. 
Anna, I prayed for you for a long time and then I waited for you to grow in my belly for nine excruciating months (I don’t particularly like to wait for things :)).  Waiting to see what you would look like, what you would act like, what kind of personality you would have… I worried and anticipated, and then all of the sudden you were here!  You didn’t look anything like I thought you would, but you are the most beautiful girl I could have ever imagined.   Your sweet smile where you face squishes together when you look at me or your wide open grin as you run my way just melt my heart every single time.  You are the happiest little thing I’ve ever seen.   You have most definitely made our family complete. 

I know I have been given a very special task of being yours and Dex’s mommy, and I don’t ever want to take that for granted.  I’m not perfect, but I try every single day to give you what you need and love you like you deserve to be loved.
I love you more than you will ever know,


I love these pictures because she's in the little cradle Poppy made her and the quilt Emi made when she was born.  One whole year ago :) 

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