Saturday, August 2, 2014

Anna's Birthday Party

We had some family and a few friends over to help celebrate Anna's 2nd birthday.  It was HOT outside so we did a little swimming and eating cake and ice cream.  Nothing against those Winter birthdays (Dex), but Summer birthdays are pretty sweet :)

I did a rainbow cake, so I made some rainbow fruit skewers to go along with that "theme".  Thanks Pinterest!

I had some left-over pieces from the cake and made these cake cups with them.  I may start doing this more often!  So cute!

You might notice a Minnie Mouse theme as you look through these ;)

What are they looking at?!  

Love the dazed looks as they stuff full of sugar ;)

Hamming it up for about 5 seconds!  I never catch this on camera!  

We opened presents throughout the day because she would open one and then run off to play with it and once she seemed to slow down, we'd try to get her to open another.  I think we got everything done right before bed :)

Taking Minnie for a little swing.


  1. Theses birthday party pictures are adorable! And that cake...unbelievable! Beautiful!

  2. How fun!!! I can't believe my sweet girl is 2 years old already!

  3. So sad I missed her party. Looks like so much fun!!