Monday, July 13, 2009

Gone Country

There’s nothing like being out in the middle of nowhere to take your mind off things! We spent three days “out in the sticks” with Pop & Emi (grandpa & grandma Mills). My Sis & Bro got to be there, too, so it was an extra special trip!

Uncle Levi and Declan

"Yes, you're holding me...but you're not walking..."

Dex got some much needed attention (haha!) and momma and daddy got some much needed sleep!! I’m not sure why we bring things for Dex to play with, he’s always in somebody’s arms… When we got back to Grapevine and I put him down in his bouncy chair, he actually cried REAL tears! He looked up at me like “Why are you doing this to me?? Why aren’t you holding me??” Ahhh yes…this is going to be great fun for years to come :)

"Where's my Emi?? SHE'll pick me up!"

We got to visit our neighbors. I'm pretty sure Dex made their day!

Woodrow - 92 years ... Dex - 6 months

We took a walk through the pasture down to the tree Pop used to make Declan's cradle. The tree was blown over by Hurrican Rita. I'm pretty sure Dex would have enjoyed it...if he wasn't asleep the whole time.

The completed cradle. With bumper pads and linens made by Emi :)
All in all, a very eventful (for Dex) and relaxing (for m&d) trip! Let the "un-spoiling" begin!

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