Friday, October 2, 2009

Game #4 - TCU & SMU

This week is TCU & SMU. They have a long-standing rivalry and they play each year for the Iron Skillet Trophy. Thus... Declan posing with the "Iron Skillet." :) Man... we are clever if nothing else!

This is his football face. If that doesn't scare SMU, I don't know what will!

This picture was going to be perfect, if he didn't look like he'd been on an all night bender! How does a baby have bags under his eyes?! Ha!
A few other pics playing with the "trophy"!

Again with that tongue!

Sometimes he just looks so innocent :)

Our attempt at posing him. He's not impressed.

(10.4.09 - Production rights for this post go to Manley. Thanks for your inspiration! Apparently, Sean and I are not as clever as I gave us credit for :))


  1. this is absolutely adorable!!! love the iron skillet trophy - too cute!! hopefully we will see you at the game tomorrow.
    FYI, the bath sponge is from Babies R Us and its just a big teddy bear sponge. make sure you wring it out after each bath or it gets yucky!!

  2. you are hilarious, kerri! this whole blog cracked me up.