Monday, January 25, 2010

Dex - Model Extraordinaire

So... kind of a random way we found each other, but Michaelan is starting out in the photography business here in the DFW area. She is a friend of one of my old friends, and I saw some pictures she'd done of him and loved her style! I asked if she would like to take some pictures of Dex and, funny thing, my friend had already suggested she take pictures of him for her website!

We were able to get together yesterday (Sunday), and I must say, I am genuinely impressed with what she did! I love her use of colors, her retro style, plus she's very laid back and made it very easy on us! It was a shame that it was ridiculously cold outside with the wind, so we didn't get near as many outside shots as I think she would have liked, but maybe we can have a re-do on a warmer day :) Poor Dex had a runny faucet nose and tears were coming out of his eyes from the cold! We decided then that we should probably call it a day.

Here are a few shots from her first round of editing. I'll probably have a few more in the next couple of days. She should have her website up soon, so rest assured I will direct you all there once it is! And if anybody in Dallas loves these as much as I do, I'll be glad to get her info to you! :)


  1. LOVE the new pics!!!!!! I want Michaelan's number!!

    ~Aunt Shannon

  2. I know a girl named Michaelan ... such a unique name, I bet it's the same gal! :) Very cool!