Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dex Shows Off

We went to the doctor today for Dex's one year check-up. We went through everything he's been up to since we last saw the doc...babbling, crawling, eating solid foods, etc. He asked, "Has he started pulling up on things yet?" I had to say "No, not yet..."

Sooo...just to make me look like an idiot, Dex pulled up for the first time this afternoon! I'd say it was, ohhh, about three hours after I told the doctor that he wasn't doing that yet. Kind of like last month when I told a different doctor he wasn't clapping his hands and he started clapping immediately... little stinker...

(note:  I tried my hardest to get the video uploaded, but it just NOT cooperating.  I don't have the first clue what the problem is.  I mean, it's not like this is my first time.  Seriously...sometimes technology really gets on my nerves.  Anyway, until I figure it out, here is a play-by-play in pictures!)

What you lookin' at, Willis?

Little shake-y, but almost got it!...

Look Dad!!

So excited to finally get to the top and play with...wait, what is that?...

Ahhh, of course...  The always fun "top of a bottle"...and small beanbag... he impresses me with his toy choices.

Just throwing this picture in for funsies.  Dex has been sick the past few days, so it's nice to see him smiling even though he can't breathe out of his nose and he's got snot running like a faucet :)

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